Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The end of another big event

I'd written a few months back after the NLS team won the KLA Client Counseling competition-but now the bigger news is here. The NLS team consisting of Arun Srikumar abd Sulabh Rewari won the National Selection Round for the Louis M Brown Internation Client Counseling Competition and will now represent India at the international event at Sydney in April 2007 :) woo hooooooooooo

But as a part of the organising team, I am even more happy that everything went off well and there were no disasters. There were a total of 18 teams which participated and more than 25 judges were around to judge the preliminary rounds. It was holiday time and we had very few volunteers around and all my nightmares of the past month were proven wrong with things turning out quite well in the end. I discovered the nicer side of many people and their varied abilities. Interactions with other teams gave me that familiar feeling of why at the end of the day I could not imagine myself studying anywhere but at NLS! and within NLS, nothing could be more important than LSC is :) One of the teams made a very pertinent observation as to how NLS stands out from the rest because there is "initiative from within"- something to ponder over.

Thank you guys...for making it happen.Love you all.

I promise to ramble more often now that it is holiday time.