Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Criteria for membership for the year 2009-2010

I. Inside LSC Activities

1. Work at the NLS Centre [1] [3]
5. Work at Ramnagaram [3]
3. Legal Literacy Programmes [3]
4. Research work in LSC’s research projects [2]
6. Others [4]

(e.g assistance with online queries, scanning and documentation of records, judicial management research work,)[2]
Please give a detailed description of the kind of work done and the cases handled and also the specific role played in legal literacy programmes.

II. Outside LSC Activities
1. Relevant placements during 2007-08 [2]
Please give a detailed description of your work. Relevant placements include work in NGOs involved in pro bono lawyering, legal literacy, Lok Adalats, alternate dispute resolution issues, advocacy initiatives. Placements which involved extensive drafting of legal documents and applications may also be mentioned with a detailed description of the nature of documents drafted.
2. Articles on socio-legal issues (please attach copy of the article) [1]
3. Research at NLSIU under research groups and in association with the Centers and Round Tables (Please do not include research work done at your placements, only work done at NLSIU will be considered) [2]

III. Organizational Experience

* Head [3]
* Volunteer [1.5]

IV. Knowledge of Kannada [3]

1. Speaking [3]
2. Reading [1]
3. Writing [1]

Note: In case of any ambiguity in the information provided by the applicant, the undersigned reserve the right to call the person for an interview to clarify the same. If a tie occurs, the same will be resolved through an interview.
[1] LSC members and co-opts for the year 2007-08 lose 25 % marks under this sub-head
[2] List is merely illustrative
[3] The same may be tested during an interview.

Students from both the LLB and LLM programs are eligible to apply.