Monday, January 5, 2009

LLP on 04/01/2009

The fourth of January, 2009 saw a group of six, namely Vikram, Bhargavi,
Gowthaman, Deepika, Ashwita and Aqseer trundle into Balantimaramma school at
Kanakpura for what was to be quite an interesting LLP.

Armed with the usual arsenal of skits on Fundamental rights, COPRA, CRPC
and the Domestic Violence Act, we found ourselves facing about 60 young
girls. As the skits rolled out, the girls progressively got bolder until
we found two vociferous, pint sized students throwing questions at us with
awe-inspiring enthusiasm.

The response was phenomenal to say the least, and we left marveling at our
eager-to-learn audience.

- Aqseer