Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekly Legal Issue #1

In order to enthuse the followers of this blog, members of the LSC and other legal aid enthusiasts, I plan to introduce discussions on points of law concerning the LSC's mandate of dispensation of justice, based on hypothetical fact situations. It is hoped that this would be a weekly exercise.

Fact: X, is a woman who has been subjected to physical abuse by her husband for the last 15 yrs. X decides to file for divorce after her husband's latest abuse involving a hockey stick. X's husband runs away from home in the meanwhile and this is the third time he does so. X, in addition to divorce seeks immediate protection against her husband as she fears more violence on his return, but refuses to resort to criminal action.

Which is the most effective short term legal solution that is available to the woman for the protection of herself and children in addition to divorce?

Is the concept of "nudging" as described in
a viable option?

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preetha said...

Problem deals with the problem that the women face now a days all over the world.Now we have Protection of women from Ddemestic violence Act in order to tackle this situation. I think she can approach proper authorities provided under the Act to solve the problem.