Saturday, October 14, 2006

KLA Client Counseling - NLS Won!

It's been a good week for LSC. The team consisting of Kalyani and Sanhita (both from the 3rd yr) won the Kerala Law Academy Client Interviewing and Counseling Competition,2006. The competition had 22 colleges from around the country particpating and this is the 1st time that a team from NLS is winning it. The two of them have broken the KLA jinx and in full style too- won 4 prizes including the Govinda Menon Rolling Shield and the prize for the best team.And to top it all, they had the highest score ever!Congrats..

So, why am I bragging about it? Cos LSC did the entire organising bit for choosing the teams to represent NLS in these competitions.We had overwhelming enthu this time with 55 teams participating! was one hell of a experience handling it and I am happy that things have been going well. Now the nationals are coming up and I am keeping fingers crossed.


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