Friday, October 20, 2006

Motivation and a 'Thank You'

Sometime last year, one of the LLMs had given a questionnaire to some of the LSC members to fill. It was trying to discover what motivates us join the Clinic. If I remember correctly, it included categories like "for CV", and well, such like.

I was thinking about it and wondering what DOES make people join LSC....a lot of volunteers and members I've randomly chatted with mention a sense of satisfaction....(jam buns at the end of a Ramnagaram trip are a thing of the past now, that isn't an incentive any more...)...This got me wondering about something Toohey says in The Fountainhead...when he tells his neice that working because it gives her a sense of satisfaction is a form of selfishness....she wasn't working with the children because she wanted to help them, but because it gave her a sense of satisfaction to help them...Hence, she was only working because it benefitted her.

Well, whatever the motivation may be is beyond me right now. But, I'm glad that there are people who continue to help out and volunteer for LSC work. All the volunteers especially, who have no obligation to come for any of the trips, but still do so in such a faithful manner. The only reason we have been able to increase the workload this year and still thrive, is because of you. Thank you for everything!