Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LSC is on air

Most Radio Indigo listeners will remember September 2007 as a month during which they woke up to rain and traffic jams every single morning. Every morning? Not really. Not if you count Friday the14th. Because that was the day the Legal Services Clinic was interviewed by Cindu on the very popular breakfast show. As I sat listening, starting 9 O’clock, in Munnabhai style, four LSC addicts – Convener (PB), Honorary lifetime convenor (AG), PR manager (GR) and Legal Adviser (VNM), set the airwaves abuzz as they discussed LSC activities and their experiences with LSC. They told the people how they were surprised by the low levels of legal awareness even among the IT crowd. They told the viewers about the interesting experiences they had in the course of LSC duty. One interesting section was when they told the viewers how to file an FIR.

Thalaivi then delivered the dialogue of the day when she said how she likes LSC because law in the abstract does not appeal to her but associating law with real people to whom it makes a difference and brings about a positive change in their lives makes her happy.

- Vikram

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