Saturday, September 8, 2007

Yel Yel P

Its one and a half months into the new academic year and I thought it was time to look back a little. I still remember that day in my first year-the famous law school "SBA Orientation". They all came, one after another and said why their committee was the coolest place to be in. The LSC team also came- I listened and said to myself "that seems like a nice place to be". I have never since regretted the decision made that day. And for the past two years, have been racking my brains to see how to portray LSC as an activity which all first years will want to try doing atleast once. I think we have done reasonably well- if the 1st year turn out for our trips and LLPs are any indication, we certainly have. I hope some of them are here to stay...through a good part of their law school life.

Its interesting to note how I see my role within LSC changing every year. From being awe struck at how those seniors played the battered wife and the 10th std. girl roles so well, it has come to telling a bunch of curious and amused 1st years how they are supposed to be over dramatic and cut their hands and apply the tilak and then explain how thats not a valid way of getting married. They all look amused and doubtful as to how this silly skit would work. But when they actually see the audience reacting to it and enjoying it and making a difference , all of them are happy. And how many ever times I explain the law, use the same old examples again and again- each LLP seems to have its own distinct character with the only common thread being that it makes your day and has the ability to pull you out of the dumps- however deep the dump might be. And today was no exception to the rule :)


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